The Junction

Electorate:  Bentleigh
Held by: Nick Staikos (Australian Labor Party)
Swing +/- to MP 2014:  +0.78
Margin:  0.78

Key Comments: 

Bentleigh is a knife-edge seat usually held by the party in government. It's safe neighbourhoods and well-known public schools keep attracting many young families and the electorate's population is on the rise. It’s a must win to form government.


Monash University, Daria Impiombato

With less than one per cent the margin between Labor and Liberal, Bentleigh is one of the most marginal seats in the election. Labor MP Nick Staikos currently holds the seat with the uncomfortably small buffer of 0.78 per cent. Located in Melbourne’s southern metropolitan region, the residential electorate of Bentleigh has historically been a race to the last vote between Liberal and Labor in...

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Liberals: Asher Judah

Monash University, Minyue Ding

Community safety is the centrepiece of the Liberals campaign in Bentleigh. But how much has crime increased in the electorate since 2014?

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Animal Justice Party (AJP): Naren Chellappah

Monash University, Raksha Ravikumar

The AJP candidate for Bentleigh wants to put animal rights on the parliamentary agenda.

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Labor: Nick Staikos

Monash University, Sally Cooper

Labor's Nick Staikos is hopeful to hold one of the most marginal seats in the election.

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