The Junction

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Held by: Andrew Gee

Party: The Nationals

Since: 2016

Margin: NAT 11.8

Redistribution details: NA

Key Comments: Calare is an apparently safe seat for the National Party, but  the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party just won the state seat of Orange, which sits within Calare. As a regional seat, key concerns include the environment, climate policy and drought relief. Tourism and tertiary education are prominent economic sectors, with Charles Sturt University a major regional employer

‘Make Australia Great’ means making things in Australia

Charles Sturt University, Liv Field

Some media have claimed that the United Australia Party’s purpose is to gain as much power as possible in order to further advance Clive Palmer’s mining interests.

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Safe seat not so sure with the rise of the Shooters

Charles Sturt University, Liv Field

The Nationals have been solid in Calare, but the seat is more unpredictable with the entry of the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers party.

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Activist who seeks to protect the rivers

Charles Sturt University, Claire Sams

Emphasis on environmental sustainability, climate change and social justice.

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Boosts to pension and big tax cuts, so where does all the money come from?

Charles Sturt University

No funding for SBS or Triple J, "or organisations like that" is the tip of the iceberg in terms of cuts by the Liberal Democrats.

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The illusive Christian standing for country seat

Charles Sturt University, Kate Rooney

The Christian Democratic Party's main priority is domestic violence.

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Former farmer hopes climate turns against Nationals

Charles Sturt University, Sophie Scanlon

“I’m not convinced that climate change actually works," Calare candidate Sam Romano told The Junction. "I know there has been a long drought, but I think I wouldn’t be on my own to say that there is no definite proof that climate change exists.”

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Whispers over preferences will soon be shouts of joy, but only for one…

Charles Sturt University, Kate Kiernan and Claire Sams

Adam Watt said he was “really disillusioned with politics at the moment as they seem to be putting their major focus on coastal and metropolitan areas and are putting us regional areas on the back-burner”.

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ALP candidate in Calare hoping for third-time lucky

Charles Sturt University, Xanthe Gregory

“Not only will Labor always protect Medicare," says Calare ALP candidate, "but it’s putting forward a Medicare cancer plan which is $2.3 billion to support people through their treatments of cancer.”

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