The Junction

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Held by: Julie Banks – not contesting the seat of Chisholm in 2019

Party: Liberal Party (when elected, but quit the party in November 2018 and will run in Flinders in this election as an Independent)

Since: 2016 in General Election. She succeeded Labor’s Anna Burke, who retired at the 2016 election after holding the seat since 1998.

Margin:  Lib 2.9

Redistribution details: Chisholm lost Labor-voting suburbs to the south, such as Oakleigh East, when the boundary was redrawn along Waverley Road. It gained Liberal-voting suburbs, such as Glen Waverley, to the east.

Key Comments:

Sitting member Julia Banks was the only Liberal in the 2016 election to win a seat off Labor, but her controversial departure from the party has opened up the field. Both candidates for the major parties are women with Asian backgrounds – almost 20% of Chisholm residents have Chinese ancestry.

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