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Held by: Julie Banks – not contesting the seat of Chisholm in 2019

Party: Liberal Party (when elected, but quit the party in November 2018 and will run in Flinders in this election as an Independent)

Since: 2016 in General Election. She succeeded Labor’s Anna Burke, who retired at the 2016 election after holding the seat since 1998.

Margin:  Lib 2.9

Redistribution details: Chisholm lost Labor-voting suburbs to the south, such as Oakleigh East, when the boundary was redrawn along Waverley Road. It gained Liberal-voting suburbs, such as Glen Waverley, to the east.

Key Comments:

Sitting member Julia Banks was the only Liberal in the 2016 election to win a seat off Labor, but her controversial departure from the party has opened up the field. Both candidates for the major parties are women with Asian backgrounds – almost 20% of Chisholm residents have Chinese ancestry.

Chisholm, a history-making electorate

Deakin University, Jordy Wright and Taylah Eastwell

With less than half of the electorate reporting Australian ancestry, and about 20 per cent with Chinese heritage, the Chisholm electorate is amongst the country's most ethnically diverse districts.

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Why husband and wife team are running as candidates for RUAP

Deakin University, Deanna Vonic

Angela Mary Dorian is Rise Up Australia’s House of Representatives candidate for Chisholm. Deanna Vonic interviews and her husband of 15 years, Peter Dorian, who is also her campaign manager and the party’s candidate for Hotham.

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Yang fights to go from Mayor to Member in Chisholm

Deakin University, Bill Hansen

Jennifer Yang's experience in local government as a mayor has some experts tipping she will steal the seat of Chisholm from the Liberal Party.

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‘There are no jobs for young people on a dead planet’

Deakin University, Nicola Pavan

From the day she was born in South Africa, Rosemary Lavin has always loved animals. That's why she's standing as the Animal Justice Party's candidate in Chisholm.

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Liu aims to be the Liberal’s first Chinese-Australian woman in Federal Parliament

Deakin University, Shayannah Beck

Gladys Liu, the Liberal candidate for Chisholm, would be the first Chinese-Australian woman to be elected to the Federal Parliament's Lower House if she wins on May 18.

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Tradie turns to Greens after ‘brutal’ time in his life

Deakin University, Taylah Eastwell

"I grew very organically into a Greens-type of person without even knowing the policies of the Greens." Deakin's Taylah Eastwell tracks Luke Arthur's road to political candidacy.

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Dobby on top for donkey vote

Deakin University, Alexis Yorkston

Come election day in the seat of Chisholm, the name at the top of the Ballot best placed for the donkey vote is Ian Dobby.

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Expert says Labor’s use of WeChat has been effective

Deakin University, Vanessa Chan

Watch Deakin's Vanessa Chan interview social media expert Haiqing Yu about how important platforms such as WeChat have been in the election.

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What do young voters in Chisholm want?

Deakin University, Shannon Tucker, Ebony Miocic and Sahar Foladi

Deakin students take to the streets of Chisholm to talk to young voters in this comprehensive investigation that includes videos, graphs and interviews with experts.

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Investigation: Chisholm candidates make the most of Chinese social media platforms

Deakin University, Shayannah Beck, Nancy Ta and Zhi Xian Lyu

SHAYANNAH BECK, NANCY TA and ZHI XIAN LYU find WeChat is the go-to tool for Chisholm's two main candidates to reach out to the electorate's large Chinese-Australian population.

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Rudd discusses the Asian vote at Chisholm round-table

Deakin University, Marianna Alepidis

He might have been fashionably late to the round-table discussion at Deakin's Burwood campus yesterday, but Former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd had plenty to say about the topic 'Asia in Australia, Australia in Asia'.

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Chisholm candidates battle it out in Australia’s first dual-language debate

Deakin University, Zhi xian Lyu

The first dual-language political debate in Australia's history was held recently in the Melbourne seat of Chisholm. The debate, between Labor's Jennifer Yang and the Liberal Party's Gladys Liu, was attended by about 100 people - with roughly 80 of them of Chinese background.

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