The Junction

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Held By: Sarah Henderson

Party: Liberal Party

Since: 2013

Margin: Won with a 3.9% margin in the 2016 election. Redistribution has turned this into a flat 50-50 seat, making this the government’s most marginal currently held seat.

Redistribution details: After the redistribution, Corangamite lost to the following areas to Wannon – Colac, Beeac, Cressy, Linton and areas east and north of Lake Corangamite.. The Geelong suburbs north of Waurn Ponds Creek and the Geelong Bypass have been incorporated into Corio. Corio lost Moolap, Leopold and the Bellarine Peninsula to Corangamite.

Key Comments:  This is the government’s most marginal seat, nominally an ALP seat after redistribution. It has traditionally been a Liberal seat, the only exception was between 2007 and 2013 when the seat was held by Labor’s Darren Cheeseman. A recent poll found 83% of Corangamite electors considered education to be a crucial issue in this election.

About Corangamite (an in-depth look)

Carissa Shale, RMIT

A seat held by the Liberal party without interruption from (1934-2007), Corangamite has traditionally been a safe seat for the party.

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Damien Cole (Independent candidate for Corangamite)

Aaron Holt, RMIT

Independent candidate for Corangamite Damien Cole is hoping to pull a surprise upset in the May 18 Federal election overcoming both the incumbent Liberal Sarah Henderson and her ALP opponent Libby Coker.

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Simon Northeast (Greens candidate for Corangamite)

Alexander Blain, RMIT

Geelong-based criminal lawyer Simon Northeast is the Greens candidate for Corangamite in the May 18 federal election, running on a platform focused on climate change. He has told constituents that this single issue will decide the future of the planet.

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Libby Coker (Labor candidate for Corangamite)

Victoria Raptis, Celine Farah & Brooke Varney, RMIT

This is Libby Coker’s second attempt to take the seat, having nearly succeeded in snatching Corangamite at the last federal election.

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Sarah Henderson (Liberal MP for Corangamite)

Claire Maher & Melissa Arul, RMIT

Sarah Henderson will be attempting to win her third term as member for Corangamite, but it will be an uphill struggle, courtesy of a redistribution of her electorate.

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Climate change Issue heats up at Geelong Q&A

Deakin University, Lachlan Ellis

I’m not from Australia's most marginal seat of Corangamite - my home electorate is Ballarat, comparatively boring as a safe Labor seat. So, to find out what issues Corangamite voters are interested in, I attended the local Geelong radio station's Q&A session with candidates on April 30.

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Corangamite Candidates Forum

Anna Sublet, RMIT

A labourer, a politician, a councillor and a lawyer walked into a room in the Corangamite electorate. With these ingredients, you might expect to see some dirt being thrown around, but not at this forum held on Friday 12th of April night in Point Lonsdale.

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Water fight in Corangamite

William Watson, RMIT

Sport and recreation facilities are at the top of the agenda in the marginal seat of Corangamite with both the Liberal and Labor candidates focussing their campaigns around local community groups like local surf life saving clubs and recreation centres.

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Bipartisan agreement on mental health in Corangamite

Brooke Varney, Sarah Keszler, Victoria Raptis, RMIT

Ocean Grove is set to receive a stand-alone Headspace facility, regardless of which party comes out on top at the upcoming federal election.

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