The Junction

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Held by: Peter Dutton

Party: Liberal Party

Since: 2001, when he defeated Labor’s Cheryl Kernot.

Margin: LIB 1.7

Redistribution details: New boundaries finalised late 2017. Approximately 4000 voters gained in Bridgeman Downs and McDowall.  

Key Comments: Dickson is currently a marginal seat, which has been held by Peter Dutton for almost two decades. Like neighbouring Petrie, held by Luke Howarth, Dickson is a major target for Labor. An outer-metropolitan seat that will provide a strong indication of the health of the LNP vote in Queensland.

Small swing needed for change of guard

USC, Drew Beveridge

“Gosh I really hope they’ve chosen the right seat, because these people are aspirational.” That’s what Michael Lavarch, the first elected Member for Dickson, said to Cheryl Kernot ahead of her 1998 election campaign while giving the new Labor candidate a tour of the area.

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Labor “hero” sets sights on unseating Dutton

USC, Janice Johansen

Ali France says Peter Dutton has been focused on advancing his own career and the people of Dickson feel ignored and neglected. She says she presents a new option for the community

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Poet well versed in politics

USC, Dylan Fewings

A double booking saw Benedict Coyne ending up at a campaign launch for The Greens instead of heading to a poetry evening. Two years on and he is The Greens’ candidate for Dickson.

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Snowboarder carves into another campaign

USC, Vincent Holliday and Joseph Price

Standing proudly next to his favourite Burton, Thor Prohaska is the quirky yet committed independent candidate for Dickson who doubles as a pioneer of Australian snowboarding.

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Dutton’s desperate duel for Dickson

USC, Sam Dickfos and Makayla Bishop

Peter Dutton’s Strathpine office is locked. Press the intercom. State your intentions. Once cleared, you may enter. This isn’t Australia’s borders. You’re not an asylum seeker on a boat. That would be another story.

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First time for family man

USC, Madeleine Dowling, Laura-Leith Pettigrew & Hayley Pointon

It’s not every day that a down-to-earth Aussie bloke with no political experience and a past history of voting for the LNP walks out of Clive Palmer’s office as a candidate for the United Australia Party. But that’s exactly what happened to Stephen Austin.

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Uni expansion hangs on party vows

USC, Braedan Jason

USC may have jumped the gun on construction of its new Moreton Bay campus as the move depends on plenty of party promises leading into the Federal election.

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Dutton and France clash over housing

USC, Makayla Bishop and Sam Dickfos

Dickson MP Peter Dutton and Labor candidate Ali France have both accused each other of not caring about the Dickson electorate.

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Sausages, mosquitoes and door knocking

USC, Dylan Fewings

Dickson candidate Benedict Coyne and former Senator Scott Ludlam were the headline acts at a mozzie-filled community picnic in Murrumba Downs in support of The Greens

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Hefty price tag for eye-catching campaign

USC, Laura-Leith Pettigrew, Madeleine Dowling and Hayley Pointon

The major parties are gaining election momentum by increasing the number of billboards and signs on display.

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Call for compassion threatens Dutton

USC, Madeleine Dowling and Laura-Leith Pettigrew

Peter Dutton’s Dickson seat hangs in the balance and his controversial opinions regarding Australia’s multicultural community may knock him off his 18-year perch.

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Do the voters of Dickson know their candidates?

USC, Courtney Lynch

Peter Dutton has one of the most recognised heads in Federal politics, so it’s no surprise that 90 per cent of people surveyed in the Dickson electorate can spot him.

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