The Junction

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Held by: Greg Hunt

Party: Liberal Party

Since: 2001

Margin: LIB 7.0

Redistribution details:

Key Comments: Normally a seven per cent margin should be relatively safe for a government minister. But the challenge from former high profile Liberal Julia Banks (now standing as an independent) has made the outcome unpredictable. It could come down to an even three-horse race between Liberal-Labor-Banks. The question is, will Banks abandoning her current seat of Chisholm count against her?

Unpredictable outcome in blue-ribbon Flinders

Tavleen Singh, Monash University

A liberal stronghold seat that should be considered safe is back in the race.

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Reade Smith: Sustainable Australia Party – it’s all about the community

Sachin Varadarajan, Monash University

Minor parties and independents are mounting a potent challenge in Flinders. Will Reade Smith get enough voter support to be competitive on May 18?

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From Liberal to Independent: Julia Banks

Salonee Mistry, Monash University

Julia Banks was the only Liberal to win a seat in Victoria in the 2016 election. This makes her leaving the liberals in 2018 very painful for the party. Can she now win Flinders as an independent candidate?

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Labor is campaigning on climate change

Alexandra Gauci, Monash University

Labor hopes that climate change policy may be a deciding factor in this Liberal stronghold.

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Susan Beveridge: part of the year of the Independents in Flinders

Monash Univerity, Ange Snowden

The 2019 election is shaping up as the year of the Independents. Flinders is no exception.

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