The Junction

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Held by: Michael Danby, retiring at 2019 election

Party: Australian Labor Party

Since: 1998

Margin: 1.2%

Redistribution details: Macnamara
(formerly Melbourne Ports) has gained the suburb of Windsor from neighbouring electorate Higgins. The redistribution has reduced the ALP margin with 0.2%, favouring the Greens.

Key Comments:

This long-standing Labor seat will be a real three-way contest  in the 2019 election.

Labor, Liberal and the Greens are all fielding candidates, who, according to polls, all have equal chances of winning. The retiring, controversial ALP member Michael Danby won by a very slim margin in 2016

Former ALP stronghold on a knife edge

Daria Impiombato, Monash University

After winning the seat 43 times in a row, Labor is now under intense pressure from the Greens in Macnamara.

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