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Mt Waverley
Electorate: Mount Waverley
Held by: Michael Gidley (Liberal Party) 2010
Swing +/- to MP 2014: 1.4 per cent against Gidley
Margin: 4.59

Key Comments: 

Mount Waverley is the district with the highest proportion of people of Chinese ancestry in the state, and both major parties have been trying to attract voters to one of the country’s fastest-growing migrant groups. The area is also home to some of the state’s top government schools, and house prices have surged in the area in recent years as people try to move into school catchments.


Mount Waverley: Multicultural and dynamic

University of Melbourne, Fangying Zhou, Lingyi Meng, Yingxuan Li, Zixun Wang and Shujing Cai

Michael Gidley comfortably retained his seat at the 2014 election but there was a 1.4 per cent swing against him. Mount Waverley is an area with a large number of people born in China. Census data shows those of Chinese ancestry make up nearly a quarter of the total population of this district.

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Mount Waverley – Labor: Matt Fregon

University of Melbourne, Fangying Zhou

Labor's Mt Waverley candidate Matt Fregon says he decided to enter politics after he had kids.

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Mount Waverley – Greens: Justin McCarthy

University of Melbourne, Chen Tian

Justin McCarthy is running for the first time in Mount Waverley. Although the seat is one of the most unlikely for the Greens to win, Justin is hopeful.

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Mount Waverley