The Junction

Oakleigh Electorate: Oakleigh
Held by: Steve Dimopoulos (Australian Labor Party)
Swing +/- to MP 2014: +3.1
Margin: 8.18

Key Comments: 

One of Labor’s big-ticket items in the 2014 election was to remove the most congested level crossings on busy train lines, such as the one running through half the length of the Oakleigh electorate. The solution was skyrail – elevating the train line. This has been somewhat controversial as neighbours of the new sky rail have raised privacy concerns. The question is if the major infrastructure project will gain or lose votes for Labor? Labor MP, Steve Dimopoulos, currently holds Oakleigh with a relatively comfortable margin.


Oakleigh: It’s all about trains and roads

Monash University, Kate Tan

Located 12km south-east of the Melbourne CBD, the Oakleigh electorate has been a key transportation construction ground during the last two years. The level-crossing removal program has totally changed the view of the streets. The skyrail flies over residents’ heads and the stations in Carnegie, Murrumbeena, Hughesdale and Clayton have been refurbished. Although the finishing touches of the...

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Oakleigh – Greens: Peter Morgan

Monash University, Sheetal Singh

Public transport, social inclusion and education are the pillars of Peter Morgan's Oakleigh campaign.

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Oakleigh – Animal Justice Party: Susie Parker

Monash University, Kate Tan

The Animal Justice Party wants to establish an Animal Protection Agency to look after the rights of animals.

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Oakleigh – Liberals: Andrew Edmonds

Monash University, Andy Mangelsdorf

The Liberals candidate for Oakleigh is a man on a mission. He nominates crime, school funding and cost of living as key issues.

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Oakleigh – Labor: Steve Dimopoulos

Monash University, Jagesh Panchal

Infrastructure and mental health services sit at the core of Dimopolous's campaign. But will sky-rail prove a winner in Oakleigh?

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Oakleigh: Labor wins

Monash University, Tavleen Singh

Oakleigh became part of the Labor landslide win in 2018.

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