The Junction

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Held by: Kerryn Phelps

Party: Independent

Since: 2018 (By-Election) after the resignation of former Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull

Margin: IND 1.1

Redistribution details: NA

Key Comments: Independent Kerryn Phelps beat Liberal Dave Sharma in the October 2018 by-election triggered by Malcolm Turnbull’s resignation. The gay celebrity doctor and asylum-seeker champion will defend her slim margin, again against Sharma, in May. Covering some of Sydney’s most affluent harbour- and beach-side suburbs, Wentworth has never been held by the ALP.

Blue-ribbon Wentworth back as progressive battleground

Macleay College, Mary Nguyen

Once considered a safe Liberal seat, the electorate of Wentworth, famous for never electing a Labor MP in its near-120-year history, now belongs to high-profile Independent Kerryn Phelps. Holding it, though, won’t be easy.

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Clive Palmer’s candidate list makes it to Wentworth

Macleay College, Mary Nguyen

Queensland-based mining magnate and agent provocateur Clive Palmer is no stranger to controversy and nor are some of his United Australia Party candidates in the Federal Election. Wentworth's Mike Bloomfield is one of them.

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Kerryn Phelps fights to consolidate by-election shake-up in Wentworth

Macleay College, Ari Kimber

Dr Kerryn Phelps made history in October when she became the first Independent - indeed the first candidate not from the Liberal Party or its precursors - to win the blue-ribbon Sydney seat of Wentworth. Can she hang on, now that voter anger has subsided?

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Fighting for Wentworth’s less well-heeled

Macleay College, Isabelle Knevett

Labor's Tim Murray has little chance of winning Australia's premier blue-ribbon seat. However, that has done nothing to dim his passion for the big issues.

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Greens candidate brings First Nations philosophy to Wentworth

Macleay College, Erin Christie

The politics of Dominic WY Kanak, the Greens candidate for the seat of Wentworth, reflect a quietly rebellious nature. A First Nations man from Yuwibara Country, Mr Kanak’s interests lie in helping his community and saving the planet from the ravages of climate change and other environmental concerns threats.

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Dave Sharma determined not to blow it a second time

Macleay College, Blake Mannes

After failing to win the well-heeled Sydney seat of Wentworth against Independent Kerryn Phelps in last year’s by-election – triggered by the resignation of dumped former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull – Dave Sharma is in a good position to reclaim the Federation-era Liberal Party stronghold in the May 18 poll.

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