The Junction

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Held by: Chris Crewther

Party: Liberal Party

Since: 2016

Margin: ALP 1.3

Redistribution details: The 2018 redistribution saw Dunkley lose Mornington to Flinders in the south, but gain Carrum Downs and Sandhurst in the north. This has made it a notionally Labor seat, with a predicted margin of 1.3% to Labor.

Key Comments: Dunkley is an outer metropolitan seat split between a predominantly Labor-voting north and a strong Liberal-voting south. Despite its marginal status, it has been held by the Liberals since 1996. Healthcare is likely to be a big issue as Dunkley contains several hospitals and care facilities, with many employed in these industries.  

Dunkley’s shifting boundaries and turning tides

University of Melbourne, Wing Kuang, Michelle La, Brendan Matsuyama and Brodie Everist

Dunkley is one of Australia’s most marginal electorates. It's held by a Liberal but, since the 2018 redistribution, it's a plum ripe for Labor’s picking.

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The different faces and missions of Peta Murphy

University of Melbourne, Stephanie Zhang and James Astley

The Labor candidate for Dunkley is an agent for change to her party, in the government and improve the lives of those living in her electorate. Stephanie Zhang and James Astley report.

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Reverend Ron is Palmer’s man in Dunkley

University of Melbourne, Laura Hooper

Meet Reverend Ron Jean who is standing in Dunkley for Clive Palmer's United Australia Party.

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The Marginalised Man: Sitting Member or Sitting Duck?

University of Melbourne, Anna Chisholm and Briana Symonds-Manne

An electoral redistribution of Dunkley has thrown the future of member Chris Crewther into the unknown. But he is still confident of retaining the seat.

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Deeper Shades of Green

University of Melbourne, Peter Quattrocelli and Laura Hooper

Emily Green, running for the Greens in the marginal seat of Dunkley, wants better mental health care for all Australians.

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Party of religious freedom finds Muslims an anathema

University of Melbourne, Brodie Everest

The Rise Up Australia party has a hard road ahead to win seats, but one candidate, Yvonne Gentle, believes it can be done.

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Dunkley elects its first female MP

University of Melbourne, Brodie Everist

Peta Murphy is expected to be the first woman elected to the seat of Dunkley after Saturday’s federal election.

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Almost all aboard to spur on Frankston, but Andrews in the waiting room

University of Melbourne, Michella La, Anna Chisholm and Brianna Symonds-Manne

The Morrison Government’s “congestion busting” plan to extend Melbourne’s electrified rail network from Frankston to Baxter may never run its course.

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The candidate who wasn’t

University of Melbourne, Peter Quattrocelli

Teenage entrepreneur Spencer Porter has aborted his campaign to become the youngest member of any Australian Parliament after making an error in the nomination process.

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The wind in Labor’s sails in seaside Dunkley

Brendan Matsuyama and Brodie Everist

The changing of an electorate’s boundaries can spell political life or death for the incumbent.

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