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A person throwing a frisbee
Exam stress: Yoga can help
Curtin University, Ava Rawlings
Experts say yoga can help reduce stress and anxiety in university students.
Conversion therapy: resisting change
Curtin University, Shannon Brown
Almost a year after former Premier Mark McGowan pledged to end gay conversion therapy in Western Australia, a ban has yet to be put in place.
A blurry image of a person
Choosing to be lucky
Curtin University, Cindy Cartojano
From the classroom to the club, 33grey is making noise in the quiet city of Perth.
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A man smiling for the camera
More than a store
Curtin University, Premila Ratnam

Replenish in Kalamunda has a homely quality. People walk into the store with warm familiarity — as if it is the home of a friend or family member.  As they carry containers in and leave with the same containers, it doesn’t look like they have been...

A tree in front of a body of water
Dawn Fraser Baths
While many Australians will be familiar with the long-running dispute around Melbourne’s Margaret Court Arena, there is little demand to rename a site named after another controversial sportswoman.
A street sign hanging off the side of a building
Batman of the Black War
RMIT University, Annabel Fleming

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A large brick building with a clock tower
August Podcast Out Now
August 15, 2023

Every place has a story to tell: its past, present and what might lie ahead in the future. In this...

A group of people walking down the street
The Trans American Refugee Crisis: What does it mean for Australia?
Griffith University, Abigail Hernandez • August 10, 2023

Earlier this week – August 1st, 2023 – marks the 10 year anniversary of when Australia passed the...

Women are still under-represented in fields such as engineering.
July Podcast Out Now
July 6, 2023

Our podcast, Making a Difference, was produced this month by journalism students at Curtin University...

Geelong residents march through the streets in protest. Photo: Ellie Claringbold
People power
Deakin University, Ellie Claringbold • June 27, 2023

Residents are protesting budget cuts to libraries and social services by the City of Greater Geelong...

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