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Diseased and driven out of vanishing habitat, how much more can our koalas bear?

University of Melbourne, Claire Capel-Stanley
August 15, 2019

Claims that koala populations are already ‘functionally extinct’ have been disputed. Nonetheless there’s little comfort in the grim forecast facing Blinky Bill.

DISPOSABLE: The journey to a safe injecting room

University of Melbourne, Else Kennedy, Claire Capel-Stanley, Yunfei Wang and Fangying Zhou.
August 9, 2019

Thousands of people have used a safe drug-injecting centre in North Richmond since it opened a year ago. Many see it as a way to save lives, but others think it’s more of a problem than a solution.

DISPOSABLE: My life as a single-use container

University of Melbourne, Ashleigh Hastings, Yahan Tao, Wei Lu and Nazli Bahmani.
August 9, 2019

When chemicals love each other very much, they bind together to make plastic. Add some heat and a mould, and a takeaway container like me is born. 

Pacific documentaries, investigative journalism given midwinter showcase

Auckland University of Technology, Michael Andrew
August 4, 2019

A creative “grab bag” of projects has been unveiled by the Pacific Media Centre in a showcase of collaboration across academic and communication communities. Held at Auckland University of Technology...

Stopping ‘fakes’ a critical step towards recognition

UTS, John Ferguson
August 4, 2019

There are still many hurdles to clear before Indigenous artists receive appropriate protection and recognition of their work.

The self-starter behind Ladies Who league

UNSW, Fanyu Guo
July 26, 2019

Even in late summer in Sydney, when the NRL season was kicking off amid a series of sex tape scandals, Mary Konstantopoulos was an "absolutely, yes" on her support for the footy. As Sydney gears up for...

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The Dish, the tapes and the man on the moon

UTS, Hanh Yoon | July 10, 2019

There’s a buzz around Parkes and it can be heard all the way to NASA. Not since - well, 50 years ago - has the town been in the spotlight for an event of this magnitude.

Where lapu lapu are a lucrative catch

UTS, Hannah Taylor | June 24, 2019

Captured, cultivated, dosed with "sleeping medicine", then contained in a Styrofoam box bound for China - such is life of the lapu lapu.

Griffith University, Joshua Holmes | May 22, 2019

Over the past few years, an inequality in wealth distribution has snuck its way into the Australian economy. This growing crevasse in the spread of wealth has hit a critical point, becoming what has now been dubbed the Australian Wealth gap, that makes the rich, richer and the poor, poorer. Joshua Holmes reports on this issue.

Griffith University, Tilly Hannan | May 21, 2019

Why are young people so disengaged with politics? And how do you engage a demographic group that’s only focused on their avocado on toast? Tilly Hannan looks at this issue.

Election day: view from Cooper

La Trobe University, Natasha Pietrobuono, Louis Ellis | May 18, 2019

In Cooper it's been a fight to secure the interests of as many progressive voters as possible, as Natasha Pietrobuono reports for Election 2019.

Election day: view from La Trobe

La Trobe University, Matthew Ellis, Louis Phillips | May 18, 2019

In order for Labor to take La Trobe, it would need a swing of four percentage points in the classic swing seat.Matthew Ellis reports from La Trobe for Election 2019.

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University student journalism from Australia and the Pacific