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Welcome to The Junction, a publication that showcases the best university student journalism from Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific and allows universities to work together to produce impactful and creative reportage.

It takes students’ work to wider audiences and encourages those audiences to visit the publications of university journalism programs. It improves the experience of learning the craft of journalism and serves a public good by producing and publishing public interest reporting. The Junction builds on everything we’ve learnt from producing journalism at universities and from working together.

The staff and students of our university journalism programs make up an enormous newsroom. The Junction reflects the depth and diversity of student work, in all forms of reporting. Articles are published with, and occasionally without, affiliation to their partner universities, providing a national profile to the work of our journalists. We hope this site creates opportunities for new kinds of collaboration and storytelling to flourish.

In late 2020 we added a Resources section to the site. While most of the content on the site is created by student journalists, the Resources section also features some expert content deemed by the Editorial Board to be useful for journalism students. These include interviews with industry leading journalists created as part of the Democracy’s Watchdogs project.

The Junction is published by the Journalism Education and Research Association of Australia Incorporated (JERAA).




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  • Publish high quality journalism by university students for wide audiences by aggregating content from students at university Journalism schools and by publishing original material.
  • Achieve and maintain high standards of journalistic integrity and inquiry.
  • Meet the dual aims of improving journalism pedagogy and serving the public through the publication of high quality content.
  • Encourage new forms of storytelling through collaboration, networking and experimentation.
  • Draw audiences back to the publications of participating journalism programs.
  • Foster collegiality and cooperation among university journalism schools.



Andrew Dodd, University of Melbourne: [email protected]

Deputy Editor

Narelle Hopkin, Murdoch University: [email protected]


Kayt Davies, Curtin University [email protected]

Editorial Board

Margaret Van Heekeren, Sydney University: [email protected]

Peter English, University of the Sunshine Coast: [email protected]

Matthew Ricketson, Deakin University: [email protected]

Simon Brady, Canberra University: [email protected]

Peter Marcato, Swinburne University: [email protected]


All student journalists retain copyright of their own work published on the Junction. University membership of The Junction gives The Junction licence to publish student work uploaded by that university’s campus editor/s and to share it with a select number of publication partners who have been approved by The Junction Editorial Board.  All publication partners are required to publish bylines that include the names of student journalists, their universities, the university publication that first published the work and The Junction. (eg: By Josie Smith from La Trobe, first published on Upstart and The Junction). Articles that end with the line Not for Republication cannot be republished by publication partners. Our first publication partner is Asia Pacific Report. If you would like to become a publication partner please contact the editorial board.


The Junction’s coverage of the 2019 Australian Federal Election and The Junction’s 2020 constructive journalism project, “Making a Difference”, were supported by the Judith Neilson Institute for Journalism and Ideas.

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