Finding sound: an invitation to listen closely


Photo by Thomas Griesbeck at Unsplash

What can you hear? Learning to listen again can enrich your daily life.

Southern Cross University, Hope Baker, Amanda King, Ella Rodionoff and Christina Smith

Finding Sound is a podcast that explores the sonic world. Sound is all around us – it is central to our engagement with the world but often we tune out from most of what we hear.

This podcast episode of Finding Sound from audio storytelling students at Southern Cross University asks you to open your ears and become conscious again of the sonic world around you.

Listen to a day in the life of Ella Rodionoff on the Gold Coast; follow Christina Smith as she goes op shopping around Lismore; visit an animal sanctuary in the NSW Northern Rivers with Hope Baker who investigates the impact noise pollution is having on our wildlife, and finally, venture into the rainforest with Amanda King as she revisits the scene of a landmark environmental protest.