Kevin Andrews (Liberal member for Menzies)

Kevin Andrews (Liberal member for Menzies)

Kevin Andrews is the member for the Victorian seat of Menzies and has held this seat since 1991.

He has been known for his conservative views, having voted against same-sex marriage, carbon pricing, and increasing scrutiny of asylum seeker management, but he strongly supports Australian-based industry, increasing funding for road infrastructure and strengthening gun control.

In the Howard and Abbott-led governments, Kevin Andrews held many senior portfolios, serving as Minister for Ageing, Employment and Workplace Relations, Immigration and Citizenship, Social Services and Defence.

During the 2015 Liberal Leadership ballot, he was a strong public supporter of Tony Abbott against Malcolm Turnbull. Upon the election of Malcolm Turnbull as prime minister, Kevin Andrews was dropped from the government front bench.

Despite his personal conservative views, Kevin Andrews says he is not limited to serving only the supporters of the right wing of the party.