Do the voters of Dickson know their candidates?


Peter Dutton and Scott Morrison, the man who beat him as Prime Minister. Photo by Courtney Lynch

Peter Dutton has one of the most recognised heads in Federal politics, so it’s no surprise that 90 per cent of people surveyed in the Dickson electorate can spot him.

Although the recognition was sometimes followed by some choice words, people knew who the sitting MP was.

In Dickson, 50 people were surveyed to see if they could recognise their current candidates for the election.

The LNP’s Mr Dutton, the ALP’s Ali France, The Greens’ candidate Benedict Coyne, the United Australia Party’s Stephen Austin and Independent Thor Prohaska are all running.

Dickson is currently held by long-sitting member and ministry heavyweight Mr Dutton by a tiny 1.7 per cent margin.

Mr Dutton’s immediate recognition may be due to his 18 years at the helm and his other notable positions within Government and Opposition.

Or it may be due to his increased media presence following his failed 2018 leadership coup.

Sitting MP Peter Dutton was the most recognised of the five candidates in Dickson

While 38 per cent of those surveyed recognised Mr Dutton’s biggest rival Ms France, others shook their heads immediately, indicating they had never seen or heard of the only woman candidate currently in the race.

Interestingly, the survey took place only metres away from a large display of red “Ali France” corflutes and signs.

Hardworking volunteers spend hours on the roadside hoping their candidate’s face will be known on election day.

Two people were able to recognise four out of the five candidates but both of them were dressed in campaign shirts, getting ready to hit the streets for their respective blue and red teams.

Despite running multiple times, in multiple electorates, Independent Mr Prohaska struggled with recognition.

Some voters incorrectly identified him as former Brisbane Lord Mayor and one-term LNP Premier Campbell Newman.

For a look back at Peter Dutton’s 18 years in Dickson go to this interactive timeline