One Nation fields La Trobe candidate for the first time


One Nation’s candidate for the seat of La Trobe, Esther Baker. Photo: supplied.

Despite running her own business and juggling the demands of having a young family Esther Baker has recently taken on a new challenge, running for the outer metropolitan seat of La Trobe in Victoria, as a One Nation representative.

When asked what she believed defined the struggles of managing these three demanding responsibilities, she answered, “Time.”

“Time is the most precious and crucial resource, as the saying goes, there’s never enough hours in the day,” she said.

Traditionally a marginal seat fought by the Australian Labour Party (ALP) and the Liberal Party, La Trobe followed this tradition in the 2016 election with a 3.2% swing in the Liberals’ favour to re-elect Jason Wood.

This will be the first federal election in which a One Nation representative has run in the seat of La Trobe, and Ms Baker has been working hard to gain a presence in the electorate.

Born to migrant and refugee parents, she grew up in the south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

“I’m born and raised in the southeast of Melbourne,” she said.

“I am raising my family and running my own business in this electorate so I have a very deep vested interest in my community and ensuring that it’s the best community for the future of my family and all others.”

Ms Baker has an extensive past history in accounting and taxation, spending most of her career working for a range of small business and large national and international business.

Her keen interest in One Nation’s policies on Australian sovereignty, affordable energy, immigration, and the rule of law were key factors in her decision to run as a One Nation candidate.

“I believe that Australians have a right to be governed by a democratically elected Australian parliament,” she said.

“Many of my constituents are concerned about the degree of influence and involvement that foreign bodies and governments have in our lives when they were never elected democratically by the Australian people.”

She said there was a difference between foreign ownership and foreign investment.

“Foreign investment is welcomed however our assets and natural resources should always remain in our control.”

Ms Baker believes that “the State and Federal Governments have been spending taxpayer money with reckless disregard for common sense.”

She suggests a “temporary diversion of part of our foreign aid so that we can help Australians suffering from floods, droughts, bushfires and feed shortages.”

“We really need to look after each other better and then we will be better equipped to look after others,” she said.

Ms Baker will be running alongside Simon Curtis (ALP), Duncan Dean (United Australia), Amy Gregorovich (Greens) and the current seat holder Jason Wood (Liberal) for the 2019 Federal election.