Social media paints picture of late entrant

Richelle Simpson, Fraser Anning’s Conservative National Party, Dickson

With less than a week until election day, there is a candidate for Dickson who remains mysterious. It’s Richelle Simpson from Fraser Anning’s Conservative National Party.

After initially responding to a request for an interview, Ms Simpson declined to comment to The Junction about her campaign, so many questions were left unanswered. But here we provide a glimpse for voters into her ever-active presence on her social media platform of choice to shed some light on a candidate trying to unseat the very high-profile incumbent, the LNP’s Peter Dutton.

Here are 10 things to know about Richelle Simpson, as told through screenshots from her Facebook accounts.

1. She is a mother of three, which she believes gives her an edge in understanding the needs and wants of Australian families.










2. After working in disability and humanitarian sectors in senior management roles she is giving politics a crack “to see political change to ensure the interests of Australian people are put first”.












3. She follows the Christian faith and is passionate about preventing Christians being persecuted.












4. The National Firearms Association, the ‘Reclaim Australia Rally 2’, ‘Aussie Infidels Against Islam’, and mainstream news sites are nestled among several other interests of a similar nature.









5. She stays up to date with current social and political affairs and updates her Facebook accounts several times a day with musings on the coverage of various news stories.







6. Despite her call for the public to stop attacks on conservative party members like herself and Fraser Anning (see #eggboy), she’s not afraid to call out the “treacherous leftist agenda” for choosing not to support conservative policies such as stopping Muslim immigration.











7. She is passionate about making change within the Australian education system, and improving the nation’s literacy rates. With the belief that the government should implement scientific and evidence-based instruction into the schooling system, she considers anything less to be “educational abuse”.











8. Her page states that data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics shows the nation is 33 years ahead of predicted population growth rate. This has her concerned about sustainability, and she supports an immigration policy overhaul.












9. Ms Simpson thinks Australia is already a great nation so there is no need to make it great. Instead, her focus is on standing up for the things that make Australia a great country to pave the way for future generations.












10. Despite being a late-comer as a candidate for the Federal election and declining to be interviewed, Ms Simpson is using Facebook to do the talking and to spread her message before May 18.