Reverend Ron is Palmer’s man in Dunkley


Meet Ronald Jean, the United Australia Party’s naturopathic “minister” who is standing for the United Australia Party in the Victorian seat of Dunkley.

He’s a 1993 graduate from the Australian College of Natural Medicine and has been running his own naturopathic clinic for 23 years.

Alongside his work as a clinician, Jean is a ‘Minister of Health’ in the Genesis II Church of Health & Healing and a former treasurer and national president of the Australian Naturopathic Practitioners Association.

Genesis II, run by ex-Scientologist ‘Archbishop’ Jim Humble, is irreligious but calls itself a ‘Church’ as it serves mankind by “bringing health to the world”. According to its website, this is a legitimate definition of church in ‘many countries’.

The Church protects its members “against vaccinations, unwanted x-rays, scans, or health insurance”.

Genesis II has been embroiled in several scandals since its Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS), a ‘sacrament’ containing sodium chloride, began being administered as a ‘cure’ for autism, cancer and HIV.

In November 2014, AMA Victoria condemned it after 10 people in five years had been poisoned by the ‘solution’.

The Therapeutic Goods Administration has issued a safety advisory against MMS, while a spokesman for Victoria’s Health Department says, “This isn’t like drinking bleach, it literally is drinking bleach.”

On March 21, one day after The Junction rang the phone number published on Jean’s clinic page, the account was deleted. It is no longer clear whether Jean retains his association with the ‘Church’, and he has yet to comment on his official UAP pages.On his naturopathic clinic’s Facebook page, titled ‘Bentleigh Naturopath’, Jean warned against flu shots and vaccines, and displayed certificates identifying him as a member of the Church.

“Certificate of Minister of Health” from the Genesis II Church of Health & Healing, granted by ex-scientologist James V. Humble to Ron Jean on the 16th of November 2014. Source: Bentleigh naturopath Facebook, run by Ronald Jean, deleted 21st March 2019.

Harrison, 18, a Mount Eliza resident who considered voting for the UAP as the major parties had left him with “no one to vote for”, said Jean’s anti-vaccine rhetoric would “change his opinion”.

Darryl, 47, though feeling “let down by major parties”, said, “Everybody should be vaccinated.”

On his Twitter account and Facebook profile Dunkley Politics, which has been in existence since 2011, Jean regularly posts about globalism and what he calls the     “false agenda” of climate change.

He says, “Australians are being conned into paying massive electricity prices in the fake name of saving the planet.” Jean blames a “Chinese buyout” for hiking utility prices through their purchase of Australian ports, power supplies and water rights. The UAP’s official line is to “stop [this] sell-off of essential infrastructure to the Chinese Government” , creating jobs and boosting the economy.

Jean is vocal about the  Financial Sector Legislation Amendment (Crisis Resolution Powers and Other Measures) Act 2018, a “bail-in” banking scheme he says should be “the biggest policy issue of the federal election” He says it allows banks to “gamble” with citizens’ deposits.

The Citizens Electoral Council maintains the Government was “non-transparent and dishonest” in drafting its Bill with vague wording and in denying that banks would gain access to deposits before Parliament passed it into law.

The Senate did not bring the Bill to a vote, and the CEC says only “seven or eight” senators were in the chamber when it was approved.

Socially, Jean’s posts call for a “stop to the transgender agenda” and support a petition by the Australian Christian Lobby to legalise ‘conversion therapy’ as well as a proposal by Katter’s Australian Party to ‘protect’ gender-specific language and bathrooms.