One Nation candidate silent about chances


Carrol Halliwell. Soucre: Facebook

Carrol Halliwell may have been advised to keep quiet during this election, but it is clear through the content on her Facebook profile why she is running for One Nation in the marginal seat of Dickson.

At first the 16-year resident of South East Queensland agreed to an interview with The Junction. However, hours later the story changed. “Unfortunately, I am unable to speak to you regarding the election,” Mrs Halliwell says. She suggested contacting One Nation’s media team instead.

This may be a reflection of the bad exposure of the campaign party after Queensland Leader and Senate candidate Steve Dickson took a controversial trip to a Gentlemen’s club in the US. He has since resigned.

Mrs Halliwell said on her One Nation candidate page she believes Pauline Hanson “is the only true person representing the Australian people in Canberra, and cares deeply for the people of Australia”. These views are mirrored throughout her Facebook feed.

Source Facebook

Her first post of an updated timeline photo of her three daughters reinforces the strong family foundation. Scroll down one more and then it justifies why Mrs Halliwell is advocating for One Nation.

She has controversial beliefs about Muslims, sharing a link about a City Councillor from Glasgow who made racial comments on a radio talk show about Muslims. He listed off generic stereotypes, spelling out clearly all the signs of terrorism. Her caption for this was “Fundamentalist Muslims”.

Apart from running for Dickson, she is a copywriter for a real estate agent in Brisbane.

Mrs Halliwell says if she is elected she will fight the drought for Queensland. “Queensland needs water, why won’t the Government listen and work with One Nation to bring water to our farmers in rural areas and build the Bradfield Scheme?” she says in the party’s media release. “One Nation has been fighting to bring water to all Queenslanders for many years, well now the people are standing with One Nation across each state and their voices will be heard loud and clear.”

She said she has been following Pauline Hanson since the very beginning in 1997 and has made sense of her mission since the start. Like any true follower, she also believes she will promise to always have the guts to say what the people of Dickson are thinking.