Liberal’s McIntosh has Howard support in Lindsay

Melissa McIntosh, Liberal candidate for Lindsay

Photo: Facebook

Melissa McIntosh, Liberal candidate for Lindsay

Liberal candidate for Lindsay, Melissa McIntosh has her roots in Penrith and lives the typical everyday family life with her canoeist husband, Stuart McIntosh and their three children. Her determination to bring about change and a better life to those in need has seen her enter the political arena.

She has been working for the not-for-profit Wentworth Community Housing in Western Sydney where she sees first-hand the struggles for basic need for shelter and a home. McIntosh promises to improve the housing situation for those in need.

Prior to becoming a politician, McIntosh was the director of W21, a 21st Century Global Woman’s Initiative at the US Study Centre located at the University of Sydney.

McIntosh’s political career began when she started working for Jackie Kelly, who was a member for the Lindsay. She later worked for former Prime Minister John Howard.

Mr Howard describes McIntosh as a “microcosm” of Australia, due to her work involving young families, retired people and small businesses. Her work contains a “very strong community spirit,” he says in an article in the Sydney Morning Herald.

Penrith has been a Labor stronghold but McIntosh is set to rock the boat during this election. Labor’s candidate is Diane Beamer and the party has a margin with just 1.1 per cent. The Lindsay seat covers areas such as Penrith, Emu Plains, St Mary’s and Glenmore Park.

 Born at the Nepean Hospital, McIntosh was brought up in Blaxland East. She attended graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from Western Sydney University. She specialises in Journalism, Communications, Public Relations and Video Production.

“I love running and my favourite place is along the Nepean River,” she says in an article in the Penrith Press.

She wants to put lights along the river bank to ensure comfort and safety for the Penrith community.

Her other promises include utilising $63.5 million to update roads, easing congestion and ensuring safety. Increase funding to public hospitals for ease of access to health care by 59 per cent.

Her intentions are to support local small and medium businesses to slash the unemployment rate and revamp sporting and leisure facilities to promote a healthy lifestyle and increase tourist attraction into the community.

McIntosh has also taken advantage of social media, regularly updating her 1855 followers with her achievements.

Photo: Facebook