Tanya votes welcomed with cookies, gasps and smiles


Tanya Plibersek snapped with voters at Darlington School booth. Photo: Maria Gil

In a sharp red blazer Deputy Leader of the Opposition Tanya Plibersek walked to the Darlington Public School polling booth on this sunny Saturday morning at around 11am.

Her arrival was unexpected, but it got the Labor volunteers all fired up, and she was welcomed with a series of gasps and smiles. The seven Labor volunteers gathered around and introduced themselves.

The polling booth was crowded at the time and voters began taking photos with the incumbent MP, each thanking her for the work she has done for the community. 

“I hope [tomorrow] I will be in a position where I get to work for the Australian people, delivering the promises we made them,”  Tanya said, when approached for comment.

“The response that I am getting here in my own electorate is very positive and I am very grateful for that. I think it’s because people are responding very well to the priorities we are setting force this campaign and re-election.”

Pooch can’t vote but still deserves some love. Photo: Maria Gil

The Darlington Public School polling place soon came to life as young children came out with a white box of Anzac cookies singing “would you like a cookie?” 

But soon Tanya had to leave, off to another polling booth site. 

“We work very hard to make people know that I don’t take this seat for granted,” she said.

Michael Woodhouse, one of the volunteer’s at the Darlington Public School, has been a Plibersek supporter and campaign volunteer since 1998. 

“Tanya represents integrity, good values, progressive politics and she’s in a place to make it happen in the government,” he said.