Bodybuilding champ virtual training the public


Photo credit: Kareem Ghannoum

Professional bodybuilding coaching, normally reserved for top elite athletes, is being offered to the general public because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Strength athlete Allen Mao, who is dubbed Mr WA after winning the state’s top natural fitness competition and trains champions such as Paul Vu, is live-streaming his training sessions to anyone interested in taking part.

“I have taken it upon myself to offer my coaching services online as I have seen many people suffering with their fitness goals and ambitions during the pandemic we are currently going through,” Mr Mao says.

He said that the biggest challenge during the current pandemic is trying to find ways clients can train to maintain size as well as staying focused on their nutrition.

Many gyms and fitness centers have closed down, considered to be  risky and coronavirus hotspots.

Since the shut down, Mr Mao says he has found equipment substitutes for his clients if they are limited.

Mr Mao says the opportunities being thrown at him have been humbling, but that he remains focused on helping clients with their goals in sight.

“Due to not having access to proper gym equipment, I have had to use my brain to come up with solutions,” Mr Mao says.

“I’ve informed my clients about the equipment to use, such as bands, variations of push-ups, putting weights in a backpack and even filling up protein tubs to make the most of these variations,” he said.

Mr Mao and his contribution to helping people during these tough times has shed new light on how exercise can help with mental illness.

“Since I have offered my services, I have helped a lot of people coping with stress and depression due to being stuck at home all the time,” Mr Mao said.

“The exercises and diet I have put forth to them have been very beneficial, with some of my clients telling me it’s been a complete stress relief to keep this active.”

“Making progress has really helped them in keeping sane and happy with themselves.”

Mr Mao has hinted that he could offer his coaching services to the public from now on.