Private ‘fight island’ for Ultimate Fighting comp


While fight island has been confirmed by UFC president Dana White, its location remains a mystery . Picture credit: Zunnoon Ahmed

Ultimate Fighting Championship president Dana White has hired a private island from June that he says is ready for professional UFC fighters to compete on – but the location remains a mystery.

With COVID-19 postponing professional sporting events, White has taken matters into his own hands and built facilities on a remote island, specifically for live UFC fights.

Dana White told mixed martial arts online channel MMA Weekly “fight island is real, it’s really happening.”

“The Infrastructure is being built right now,” White said.

Rumours about a private fight island have been circulating on social media for months,  but this is the first time that White has confined it exists and fighters have started preparing.

UFC fighter Brok Weaver said no fights have been announced but that fighters are training to be ready for the call.

Weaver says fighter’s are using his backyard as a training ground.

“I live on a reservation and when a lot the fighter’s gym’s in the city closed, I’ve had a lot of guys come down here and prepare for fights in my backyard oasis,” Weaver said.

Weaver has fought most of his career at Florida’s number one ranked MMA and boxing event Island Fights in the ring.

“I fought most of my career in the ring, so I don’t mind either,” he said.

At Sunday’s UFC 249 event in Florida, safety appeared to be of high priority.

Fighters were tested for COVID-19 antibodies upon arrival and fighter Jacare Souza tested positive, causing his fight to be immediately cancelled.

White reassured other participants that fighters had nothing to worry about.

“Don’t be worried about the money, it’s coming,” White said.

Potential “fight island” prospect Weaver says the details of his fight are still a work in progress.

“They’re still working on an opponent for my next fight and an exact date, but they’re looking at June,” Weaver said.