Facelift for federation building ends decades of neglect


Old Post and Telegraph Office in East Fremantle Source: Yard Property

Despite being more than 100-years-old, the Post and Telegraph Office in East Fremantle is set to get a facelift in the hope of bringing an old beauty back to life.

For the past 14 years, Yard Property have been trying to buy the 1898 Federation building on the corner of Canning and Stirling Highways, which flourished from 1909 until the 1970’s as a post office.

Yard Property director Todd Grierson said the building is heritage listed and came with a 200-page document of conditions the builders must adhere to during renovation works.

“It is the first time the building has been in private hands, but good things are worth waiting for,” Mr Grierson said.

“The WA Heritage Council gave us some pretty strict guidelines on how the property can be improved and maintained for the long term.

“An absolute must is that we have to maintain the fabric of the building,” Mr Grierson said.

The building will be used as a real estate office, but Yard Property would not specify the exact building regulations.

Since the 1990s, the building has been lying dormant until Yard Property’s acquisition earlier this year.

One of the oldest buildings in East Fremantle, the two-storey brick building has a corrugated iron roof, chimney and mail room in the rear.  The interior and exterior are still intact despite being vandalised in recent years.

“We tried to buy it initially 14 years ago,” Mr Grierson says.

“That was the first time we had a crack at it, but we had to wait for a while before it formally came to market.”

Yard Property hopes to have the restoration completed by the end of November.