Sourcing sweet income during pandemic unemployment


Photo: Instagram

Micro businesses online during the pandemic. High tea delivered to your door via La Creme Sweets (@lacremsweets_au) on Instagram

Some innovative young entrepreneurs in Sydney are creating their own source of income to bridge the financial gap during the Covid-19 pandemic.

New micro businesses online in niche industries like desserts and baking have used social media platforms including Instagram as a launchpad to introduce their products to the world, during a time where finding a job is becoming increasingly difficult.

Caroline Nguyen launched ‘Sweet Treats By Caroline’ on Instagram (@sweet_treatsbycaroline) in July from her home in western Sydney after her business in the event planning industry was put on hold due to social distancing restrictions implemented to combat COVID-19.

“I find it [Instagram] convenient as the market is changing as well as its consumers,”  Nguyen says.

“It’s helped in a major way for retailers and small business owners like myself to be able to comfortably work from home.”

Instagram launched features earlier this year specifically aimed at aiding and supporting small businesses on the platform. One of these was the  ‘Supporting Small Businesses’ sticker.

Instagram Business blog site stated the sticker ‘can help businesses reach new customers and stay connected to the people that they serve… Businesses can also use the sticker to shout out other entrepreneurs in their community.’

Trish Pham, owner of ‘La Creme Sweets’ on Instagram (@lacremesweets_au), felt that starting her own business from home helped to ease some of the financial pressure in her life.

“I was home more often… it surely did help me during this tough time,” she says

This comes as the current unemployment figure sits at 7.5% equating to more than one million Australians out of work. In addition, Treasurer Josh Frydenberg predicted recently that the ‘real’ rate of unemployment is closer to 13%.

Many young Australians like Pham, are grateful to have managed to create this source of income for a many reasons, including the reduction in the Federal Government’s JobSeeker and JobKeeper supplements at the end of September.

“I think that for a lot of Australians, they will do what they have to do to support their family financially,” Pham says.