Brisbane violinist offers treat of nature and music


Musician Toukie Wood – the director, performer, and composer of the Four Elements show.

Brisbane composer and violinist Toukie Wood is showcasing the beauty of music and the earth in her return concert, Four Elements, on the Sunshine Coast.

She performed locally last weekend and will put on her final concerts this Friday and Saturday night.

Ms Wood began writing songs for Four Elements in January 2020 with the composition representing the beauty of the earth, legends, and myths through contemporary classical music, poetry, and dance.

She applied to perform her show Scheherazarde that is based on the same theme of nature, mythical themes and legends at Anywhere Festival in 2020 before the festival was moved to an online format.

The eased COVID-19 restrictions mean the UQ music graduate was able to see her vision taking place after she lost hope in March last year.

“In March the show looked like it was going to be cancelled,” she said.

“I did start to lose interest, but I began composing again in January this year.”

The show focuses on an earthly experience surrounded by forestry and the instruments imitate sounds of wind and fire, and explore mythical themes.

Her favourite song is the last one, that all artists perform together.

Earth [the song] talks about where the world is at now; the violin has a beautiful harmony,” she said.

“I will be directing and playing in the concert as well.”

There is also a cellist, pianist, and dancer who improvises moves that fit the theme of the songs.

Sunshine Butterflies in Cooroiba created a down-to-earth atmosphere for her shows last weekend.

“My main aim is to give the audience an experience in nature, looking up at the stars,” Ms Wood said.

This weekend the concerts will be at Lakewood Propagation, hosted by Ms Wood’s father.

Simon Wood owns the nursery that wholesales native plants and he is overjoyed to arrange his daughter’s concert.

“I love it; it is a privilege to host something like this,” he said.

The plantation will host her Friday and Saturday night concerts from 5.30pm to 6.50pm and tickets are $35.

Ms Wood said she hopes to make it an experience to remember and a networking event for young creatives.