Costumed fun draws massive TikTok audience


One of Maddison Beazley’s cosplays on TikTok.

Her bubbly personality, cute aesthetic and relatable videos is what attracted viewers across the world to this North Lakes resident’s TikTok, and after looking at her account there’s no mistaking why she has the following that she does.

Maddison Beazley, 20, is no stranger to social media, starting out on YouTube back in 2015. Beazley has posted infrequently since, but recently revamped her account which currently has 5.16K subscribers.

The social media app TikTok is the platform where she has thrived though. Beazley has amassed a wide following all over the world, with her TikTok account @beazknees having 774K followers and a whopping 23.1 million likes in total and was recently given the opportunity to travel to Sydney through the app.

Beazley first started out on TikTok back in 2019, with her first video on the app posted in March. The video has only 3564 likes but has been viewed 60.8K times. Her aesthetic is funky and cute, and Beazley doesn’t seem to take herself too seriously, and is always laughing and making others laugh with her.

Maddison Beazley
Image: Darci Robbins

She had originally used the app just for fun, but after watching other creators and once her videos started receiving more traction Beazley started to put more effort into her creations.

“I think the first TikTok I did was just cleaning my room. It just progressed from there and I took it a little more seriously,” she said.

Beazley has a wide variety of videos on her account such as tutorials, thrift shop reviews, cooking videos, video blogs (vlogs) and acting pieces. Her sunny personality shines through her videos which makes her viewers feel comfortable and welcome whenever she posts a video. Her most popular video, which has 4.3 million views, sees Beazley dress up as a cowboy with a miniature cowboy hat and lip sync.

Beazley’s best loved videos are her costume plays – or cosplays as they are known – where she has dressed up as characters such as The Joker, Hermione Granger from Harry Potter, Eddie Kaspbrak from It and most recently she has done videos as the Red and White Queen from Snow White.

“My Disney cosplays tend to do really well and so do my videos during Halloween. Cosplay is a lot more common and more embraced during that spooky time of year.”

When she first started out Beazley didn’t know what kinds of videos would gain more views but through watching other content creators and listening to her viewers, she believes she has found the right balance.

“I was working to what everyone wanted to see. I would put something out and then people would suggest what I could do better, or what I could do instead. I just listened to what other people wanted and obviously it was what I wanted to do as well,” she said.

“The videos I’m most proud of are the ones other people enjoy as well. It’s a team effort.”

TikTok has allowed Beazley to do many things that once may have been out of her comfort zones. She has done ads for companies such as Krispy Kreme, Sims and Tinder, and recently went to Sydney to film with other content creators for an ad for Tinder which will be shown on TikTok as part of a series. She said that the experience was like nothing she’d ever done before.

“It was pretty out of my comfort zone. I’d done drama all through school and even some workshops in my free time, but this was my first proper gig and it was a lot different than I was expecting,” she said.

“Some parts were quite awkward to film … it was about Tinder dates and that was super far out of my comfort zone. Of course I was just playing a character, but I keep those kinds of things private so having to put myself in the mindset of someone who is really open about their love life was a huge challenge for me. Life’s about taking risks though and I’m really proud of myself for not chickening out.”

Beazley believes the secret to a successful TikTok presence is to be yourself … and to have good lighting.

“Don’t take comments too seriously either because sometimes your videos just fall onto the wrong parts of the internet and the wrong people get a hold of it. The right people are out there so if you push forward, you’ll find people who like what you like and your content.”