Plunge: Finding stillness in the depths


Plunge was created out my desire to highlight the ties between three different individuals who put their bodies in extreme physical conditions to find inner silence amid external chaos. The film arose out of my curiosity to explore the worlds of urban exploring, free diving, and the Wim Hof Method. The project became a process of full-immersion for me as writer/director/producer —my own personal plunge into these practices, guided by each of my subjects. As a former photojournalist, my belief is that the most interesting and compelling stories are told by individuals who are experts in their field, people who have fully dedicated themselves to something bigger than themselves. The passion and dedication of each of my subjects is what I hope to convey with Plunge.


Bio: Writer/director/producer Lee Steenbergen is a student at the University of Sydney, and has just completed a Master of Moving Image at the Sydney College of the Arts. Born and raised outside Nashville, Tennessee, her background is in photojournalism, and she learned filmmaking to stay relevant in an ever-changing industry. Her travels have carried her, and her camera, all over the world with a special focus on Latin America. Now based in Sydney, she is passionate about environmental conservation, the human condition, and everything related to the ocean.