Unearthed: Camperdown Cemetery


Camperdown Cemetery, a popular spot for picnics. Photo: Kate Newsome

Contributors: Jessica Arentz & Kate Newsome

A tranquil oasis of lush greenery and wildlife, the space is enclosed by heavily graffitied sandstone walls. It is only a block away from Sydney’s bustling Kings Street and attracts all sorts of characters; painters looking for inspiration, dog-walkers making the most of sunny afternoons, and high school students on their free period. It is a space used by visitors for all sorts of reasons, but for 18,000 Sydneysiders, it is their final resting place. This is Camperdown Cemetery.

Jess and Kate are budding media practitioners and aspiring storytellers. As second-year media and communications students at the University of Sydney, they enjoy experimenting with different mediums and finding stories in the seemingly mundane.