Skateboarders to rip in floating halfpipe first


Mat Chigwidden has been based on the Coast for nearly 20 years. Photo: contributed.

A popular Sunshine Coast skateboarding instructor says he is “pumped” to be part of the region’s first floating halfpipe show.

Mat (Chiggy) Chigwidden and his crew will be displaying aerial tricks on a floating skate ramp on Lake Kawana this Saturday as part of the Buskers by the Lake festival.

Floating halfpipe at Buskers on the Lake
The Buskers by the Lake festival first hosted a floating halfpipe event in 2016 on the Gold Coast. Photo:

Chigwidden says a mix of about 15 rollerskaters and skateboarders from Chiggy’s Skateboarding will be carving up the pipe.

He says the riders range from skateboard coaches, professional skaters and avid riders at his indoor park at Coolum Beach.

“The youngest is 14 … and then we’ve also got myself and a couple other riders that are in our 30s,” he says.

Rollerskating resurgence

Chigwidden says the team members were ultra-excited when he asked them to be a part of the performance, especially since it would be the first of its kind on the Sunshine Coast.

“I love bringing people together, and just creating good times for everyone, so if there’s an opportunity there that I could be involved with, I’ll take it for sure,” he says.

Notable Sunshine Coast skate pros and coaches performing on the day will include Hayden and Mitchell Howse, Nixon Osbourne, Brayden Curtis and Mikayla Senior, while noteworthy roller-girls include Tia Pitman and Phoebe Michetti.

“We’ve got some roller skaters and skaters that are coming through to perform who are pretty spectacular to watch,” Chigwidden says.

He says the event will be especially exciting considering the resurgence of roller-skating in the country and on the Sunshine Coast, which has seen young riders populate skateparks.

“These girls are pulling off manoeuvres that have people forever thinking, ‘how the heck have they done that’,” he says.

Other major events hosted at Buskers by the Lake festival included the Battle of the Buskers, music performances at the Sundowner Celebration and freakshow Deja Voodoo.

The festival runs from Friday, October 29 until Sunday, October 31.

Tickets are $25 a day for adults and $9 a day for youths 16 and under.