Democracy’s Watchdogs with Brian Toohey


I don’t think they make them like Brian Toohey any more. Or do they? Toohey wrote and published some of the boldest and most controversial journalism in contemporary journalism history. The high-level leaks he received – confidential Cabinet papers, Royal Commission documents, secret government reports – set the national agenda for many years and saw him repeatedly hauled into court by governments.

A brilliant reporter and later pugnacious editor at The National Times, the now semi-retired Toohey has lost none of his punch in this interview, criticising national security reporting; discussing Australia’s national security laws and lack of free speech protections; our reliance on weapons systems which belong to the United States; and strongly supporting Julian Assange and WikiLeaks for doing the world a service. You can catch the extended interview here:


Bill Birnbauer,

CEO, Democracy’s Watchdogs