Dai Le wins battle for Fowler


Dail Le. Image supplied.

Independent candidate Dai Le defeated former NSW Premier Kristina Keneally in their bid to win the seat of Fowler, as voters turned against the Labor candidate who was parachuted into the electorate.

Le, well known in the electorate as the Fairfield Deputy Mayor, overturned Labor’s 14 per cent margin to claim victory and cause a massive upset for the Labor party which has  held this ‘safe’ seat consecutively for 38 years. Nalin Mastou attended the election night party to report for The Junction live cross securing an interview with Dai Le on the night.

Nalin Mastou, is a student journalist from the University of Sydney studying Media Practice in the Department of Media and Communications. She reported live on RMIT University’s Federal Election coverage which includes an exclusive interview with Dai Le.