Democracy’s Watchdogs’ student award, 2022


Hi journalism students,

It’s a good time to start thinking about entering Democracy’s Watchdogs’ 2022 award for the best student investigative journalism.

The deadline for the award isn’t until November 18 so you have lots of time to polish your assignments or any stories done outside of your university studies.

For the past two years the awards have been open to undergrad and postgrad journalism students at Australian universities. This year, we have expanded the awards to journalism students in New Zealand, so the competition will be hot.

The two categories are print/online and video/audio. Each category has a $1000 first prize and a trophy, and finalists will receive highly commended certificates.

If you have finished your story, enter it now! Check out the details and use the online entry form. If you are yet to finish your best work, please consider entering it closer to the deadline.

Meanwhile, if you want to see the nation’s top investigative reporters such as Nick McKenzie, Adele Ferguson and others talking journalism, check out our interviews here.

And let me know if you have any questions.

CEO, Democracy’s Watchdogs