Craft market atmosphere thrives through seasons




Even in winter, the market atmosphere doesn’t stop.

CRFT* WRK at Queen Victoria Market combines history with cutting-edge techniques, celebrating contemporary and locally made crafts under the big sheds at Queen Victoria Market.

The market is completely under cover and can be found at SHED K – Queen Victoria Market on the dates listed below, from 9 am to 4 pm.

Based loosely on similar projects in London and Berlin (notably the DUMBO Collective and the Artists’ Market under the Brooklyn Bridge in New York) and the Rose Street Artists’ Market in the eclectic Fitzroy Centre, CRFT* WRK¬†was built using a scrap car site in the back streets of Fitzroy.

Each Saturday and Sunday on the dates of the event, the work of up to 120 Melbourne-based artists and designers (some emerging and some more established) are exhibited and sold here.

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Melbourne is home to some of Australia’s most creative artists and designers, and CRFT*WRK is an opportunity to bring them together.

The market stalls are used for shopping, sourcing, commissioning, and exploring a wide range of arts, crafts, accessories, homeware, gifts, and handicrafts – from quirky furniture designs and stunning fashions to intricate jewellery and unique paintings.

The people behind CRFT* WRK are the Rose Street Artists’ Market who says it takes a new approach to the traditional market concept, and encourages visitors to peruse unique works on display, which are collected, sourced, and commissioned.

Of course, visitors will also be able to meet, greet and talk to the artists and designers in person.

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For visitors and artists wishing to attend or exhibit at CRFT* WRK at Queen Victoria Market, the official website has all the details including information on how to apply for a stall.

CRFT* WRK will review applicants for the quality of their work, the uniqueness of their marketing efforts, and the portfolio of products to be exhibited on the requested dates.

Stallholders are selected by a selection panel that includes staff, practicing artists, and other arts professionals, and applicants will receive confirmation of their stall via email.

The price per stall is $69 per day and each stall is approximately 3×2 meters in size.

Applicants will need to pay for their stall in advance.

Upcoming markets: 24 September – 29 October