Three months to go, Frankston still has no Lib candidate

Three months to go, Frankston still has no Lib candidate

Frankston, a key seat in the upcoming Victorian state election, is still without a Liberal candidate. With the November state election fast approaching, the Liberals are leaving the decision late.

Meanwhile, Paul Edbrooke and the Labor Party are working towards regaining the seat, recreating their 2018 state election victory.

Edbrooke has held the seat after winning 45.85 percent of voters back in 2014, and look to lengthen this term come November.

The 42-year-old former firefighter, teacher and father of three has showcased his fair share of support to local organisations throughout all avenues of the Frankston community.

Targeting the countless sports-obsessed communities through Frankston, the ALP has invested $10 million into a renovated ‘jubilee park’ indoor stadium, which includes turf wickets, junior/senior football and netball courts, a wetland area and a fairly big playground for the kids.

Edbrooke recently met with the ‘Frankston Rovers’ football club to discuss redevelopment on their dilapidated rooms.

This has been a recurring theme in the ALP’s presence in Frankston, with Frankston North’s ‘Pines’ football club also receiving funds earlier this year.

Edbrooke has seen Frankston’s train station, to one at the end of  the metro line and the “gateway to Melbourne“ from the Peninsula, receive a facelift.

He has also seen Frankston Hospital’s $1.18 billion redevelopment, enabling it to treat 35,000 more patients each year.

Meanwhile, the Liberal party remain somewhat stagnant with their pursuit of votes within the Frankston region. Their failure to elect a candidate may make it difficult to overthrow Edbrooke and win back the Frankston region.