Organised bar crawl a remedy for lonesome weekends


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3rd September 2022: Weekends in Melbourne’s CBD have roared back to life after pandemic induced lockdowns, and events like the Melbourne Bar Crawl brings fun to the next level especially for those who are alone during the weekend, or new to the city.

Even if you are a lone wolf, this bar crawl will try to be your best weekend night out, thanks to a full access ticket to four venues (3 bars and 1 nightclub) in the CBD to get you dancing to local DJs, eating free pizzas and downing free shots at each of the locations, and hanging out with hundreds of people.

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Kickoff is at 7:30 pm every Saturday at Chaise Lounge. You get your first drink and free pizza here while dancing to RNB, Hip Hop, and party tunes. If it’s your birthday week, you can also spin the wheel for a chance to win a hundred dollars. Once the clock hits 8:30 everyone leaves together to the next venue guided by the bar crawl crew.

The next location is a hidden pub where you can grab a free shot and play several video games such as FIFA on Playstations and other classic games on arcade machines. For the next hour, this location is exclusively for the bar crawl members.

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Ballers Clubhouse serves as the evening’s third venue. You can select a shot or a glass of champagne as your complimentary beverage here. Additionally, you get access to gaming alternatives like darts, pool, table tennis, and more, where you can challenge other members of the group. Moreover, the party music played in this location will also inspire you to try some new dance moves.

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Melbourne’s largest Saturday nightclub Billboard is the last location on the list. Your access to this venue is provided courtesy of your VIP ticket, and you’re welcome to stay and enjoy some commercial party music and RNB music for the rest of the evening. You’ll get wings on the dance floor thanks to the complimentary drink at this venue and probably won’t notice the passing of time until the event crew lets you know it’s 3 am and the club is going to close.

Each venue complies with covid-19 rules and are covid-safe businesses. If you’re looking for a fun and secure night out, purchase your tickets through Eventbrite (35$) or at the door (40$) at Chaise Lounge on Saturdays.