2022 watchdogs announced


Congratulations to students from Melbourne University and University of Technology for winning Democracy’s Watchdogs’ 2022 award for investigative journalism.

The winners are Jade Murray, Sasha Gattermayr, James Costa and Helena Morgan in the print/online category and Brooke Young in the video/audio section. There’s $1000 and trophy award in each of the two categories.

Props to the finalists – you really made judging both a tough call and a joy to read due to the high standard of the entries. All finalists will be sent ‘Highly Commended’ certificates. And thanks to all the students who entered.

Running these awards for the past three years has shown that tomorrow’s journalists can keep the fine traditions of investigative journalism alive. That’s good news for journalism and better news for our democratic processes. Governments, corporations, NGOs and other powerful interests need to be scrutinised by independent and determined watchdog journalists, lest all that power goes to their heads. Society overall benefits from that sort of accountability. Well done all.

Details: https://democracyswatchdogs.org/student-awards