February Podcast Out Now

A close up of a tree

Welcome to the first of our podcasts for 2023. Our podcast series is called Making a Difference and it grew out of a special project we did in 2020, in which we explored Constructive Journalism.

This is a type of journalism that doesn’t shy away from asking hard questions but it does avoid exaggerating negative and distressing elements. It also focuses on asking follow up questions such as what happens next, what are some possible solutions to this situation, in order the foster conversations about progress.

We have kept making Making a Difference episodes since then. Each one is created by students at a different university, and each one brings you stories about people and issues you may not hear about in other media.

This episode is by students from Curtin University in Western Australia. The journalists investigate contract cheating on uni assignments, using First Nations knowledge to protect the environment, why you really do need to get more sleep and how people manage their family’s cultural heritage with their Australian identity.

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