Marching orders: The law versus climate activists


Retired academic and climate activist Elizabeth Hartrick (right): “What really kicked me over the edge were the [Black Summer] bushfires in 2019 …. I just thought that this was something really serious.” Photo: Sean Ruse

With IPCC scientists warning that humanity is on its “final warning”, momentum for action on the climate crisis is high. But so too is resistance from vested interests and from politicians and lawmakers determined to shut down protests. In this short documentary, Sean Ruse goes inside the climate movement to report on the collision.


Update: Activist and retired academic Elizabeth Hartrick, featured in this report, entered a plea deal and was issued with a two-year conditional release order – similar to a good behaviour bond. Brad Homewood, activist and concrete truck driver, is pleading not guilty to charges and will face court later this year. Cases involving other activists, represented by lawyer Mark Davis, are proceeding through the courts this week.