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Humanitarian crisis growing: Syria needs Australia’s help

November 5, 2019

The Red Cross has issued a stark warning about a human tragedy unfolding in northeast Syria, as hundreds...

Roo Rescue founder Kim Grant rehabilitates orphaned joeys.

Kangaroos in crisis

October 30, 2019

Kangaroos are Australia's national emblem, but questions have arisen over whether Federal and State governments gives their welfare enough consideration. Kim Grant has been around kangaroos all her life and said more needed to be done by Australian governments and insurance companies to protect these native animals from becoming road kill or pet meat.

Own a cat? Researchers want help to stem hunting

October 29, 2019

A lightweight flap of wetsuit strapped around a cat’s collar is hoped to stem attacks on native animals...

Humpback whales make surprise shift to calve in Gold Coast

October 29, 2019

Whale experts are warning that changes in migrating humpback whale calving behaviour is putting their...

Perth student Steph Murphy, 28, has chosen not to have children in direct response to the current climate breakdown.

Choosing to be child-free for the planet

October 14, 2019

Selfish. A word attributed to, amongst others, women throughout history who have made the conscious decision to remain childless. However, for Perth-based student Steph Murphy, choosing to be child-free may be the answer to the world’s climate woes.

City of Stirling residents plant trees to increase local canopy coverage.

Tree change the key to tackle temperature rises

October 14, 2019

Global warming is quickly becoming a major issue in the world as the environment is plundered for resources, but Perth local governments are trying to make a change.

The Ludlow Tuart Forest is under threat from deforestation, with only 3 per cent remaining. Photo courtesy: Des Donelly, The Ludlow Tuart Forest Restoration Group

Saving Ludlow Tuart Forest

October 14, 2019

Deforestation is plaguing the Western Australia's unique Ludlow Tuart Forest with just three per cent of the forest remaining, according to recent reports. But what is the true impact of cutting down these precious trees and where does it stand in the grand picture of deforestation and climate change locally and globally?

Farmer Ben James with one of the bull calves on his family’s farm in Hyden, Western Australia.

Focus on feed to cut farm methane

September 18, 2019

Feed alternatives for cattle may be the answer for reducing greenhouse gases emitted from Australia’s agricultural industry.

A woman and her dogs exercising their democratic rights in Pearce.

WA Election Wrap

May 23, 2019

The federal election was campaigned relentlessly from all sides, however, Ipsos polls on the day showed...

Catch our election night TV coverage here

Catch our election night TV coverage here

May 17, 2019

From 6pm (EST) on Saturday May 18 we covered the election aftermath live for three hours. Our broadcast...

Pauline Hanson's One Nation candidate for Stirling, Angus Young.

Education and safety on agenda for Angus Young

May 17, 2019

riven by a passion for safety and security, and hopes of creating a new education centre, Angus Young is running in the upcoming federal election as Pauline Hanson’s One Nation’s candidate for Stirling.

Mount Lawley Senior High School was given $4 million from the WA State government to upgrade their specialist facilities and build new classrooms.

Public schools left out by Federal promises: WASSEA

May 16, 2019

A surge in the number of Catholic and independent schools on the back of increased Federal funding is “fracturing our society”, according to Western Australian Secondary Schools Executives Association president Armand0 Giglia.

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