The Junction

Mr Ward with his daughter Claire.

“I want to die a happy person” says granddad stranded by government

October 12, 2020

Ron Ward, 86, sold his house and shipped his belongings to Australia but at the last minute was cruelly denied entry because of coronavirus rules, writes Liam Mendes.

The plight of refugees has struck a chord with Sunshine Coast locals

Immigration and border protection in election spotlight

May 10, 2019

There's no doubt that the issue of refugees and asylum seekers has become one of the most controversial...

In Hurstville, the main street features a Bank of China branch as well as the usual local institutions.

Banks: Marginal multi-ethnic hub crucial for Coalition

April 26, 2019

The Federal electorate of Banks lies in the suburbs of south-west Sydney. The Liberal-held seat is a...

Chris Gambian knows his candidacy is significant for migrants and children of migrants.

The moment Gambian realised he had to run

April 26, 2019

Chris Gambian never thought he would run for Parliament as a candidate, until his daughter was born and he felt a responsibility to make a difference.

Despite being faced with a tough battle, Peter  Dutton seems relaxed. And he has the steely resolve of a former police officer

Dutton’s desperate duel for Dickson

April 5, 2019

Peter Dutton’s Strathpine office is locked. Press the intercom. State your intentions. Once cleared, you may enter. This isn’t Australia’s borders. You’re not an asylum seeker on a boat. That would be another story.

Mina Zaki says she is proof the Liberal Party wants diversity.

Challenging attitudes even within her own party

April 4, 2019

The Liberals have taken a step towards answering pressure from critics, by selecting a candidate who is a woman, an immigrant and a Muslim.

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