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Dungeons and delight
Climate to blame for a new ‘cane toad front’
Pencil Rocket climbs the social media heights
Counselling call for the Big C
Call me Luke: Canterbury Girls’ Secondary College student took to Instagram
Courage to care for coastal Victoria
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The case for press freedom

UTS, Alexandra Menzies, Amaani Siddeek and Nicholas Rupolo | August 14, 2019

News leaders and journalism educators have reminded a parliamentary inquiry why media freedom is essential to democracy.

DISPOSABLE: Towards a safe injecting room

University of Melbourne, Else Kennedy, Claire Capel-Stanley, Yunfei Wang and Fangying Zhou. | August 9, 2019

Thousands of people have used a safe drug-injecting centre in North Richmond since it opened a year ago.

DISPOSABLE: My life as a single-use container

University of Melbourne, Ashleigh Hastings, Yahan Tao, Wei Lu and Nazli Bahmani. | August 9, 2019

Add some chemicals and some heat and a mould, and a takeaway container like me is born. 

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University student journalism from Australia and the Pacific
University student journalism from Australia and the Pacific