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Climate change rallies the young
Climate change rallies the young

Swinburne University, Olivia Kosmas | November 29, 2019

The issue of climate change has consumed the minds of young people around the globe. The Global Climate rally in September disrupted cities all over the world, showing that there is a public need for the world's leaders to come up with a plan, before irreversible changes are made to the environment. Olivia Kosmas talks to some young climate protesters who are willing to sacrifice their education to protest this issue.  

An eye for an eye on home soil

Swinburne University, Carla Deale | November 29, 2019

For several months now Hong Kong has been plunged into its biggest political crisis in decades, with protestors demonstrating in droves against a now suspended extradition bill. Calls for a “Free Hong Kong” have divided the nation and tensions continue to build day by day. But what about those from Hong Kong who have made the move to Australia? Carla Deale spoke to members of Melbourne’s Hong Kong community who are doing all they can to help their loved ones back home through protests, education and art: but they’ve all been faced with challenges and hostility from community members with other points of view.

Dogs have feelings too

University of Canberra, Jodie Kirkness | November 29, 2019

The ACT has become the first jurisdiction in Australia to recognise dogs as sentient beings.

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University student journalism from Australia, NZ and the Pacific.
University student journalism from Australia, NZ and the Pacific.