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Australia’s ice epidemic: Worrying new statistics released
Indigenous community more vulnerable to coronavirus
Redrawing history: The revival of Amazigh tattooing
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‘Intention to Claim’ – tips for surviving the Centrelink queue
Anxiety and confusion in the mall as virus shutdowns bite
Stranded on the wrong side of the digital wall
From Germany with love: A COVID-19 update from Cologne

March 29, 2020

Mareike Bire was at the University of Sydney last year as a postgraduate media student on exchange from Germany. She joined The Junction team to report on Australia's federal election in May, and did it with great gusto writing several stories and joining the live cross on election night. Now she has agreed to share her experience of living through the coronavirus in Cologne, her home city.  There are more than 50, 000 active cases of COVID-19 in Germany as of today, according to data from the John Hopkins University. With this number of cases, Germany currently ranks as the country with the fifth most infections globally, and yet, compared to other countries with similar numbers, has only registered 399 deaths caused by the disease colloquially known as Coronavirus. On March 22 Chancellor...

Shaping the future with LEGO

Deakin University, Jonathan McQuie | March 16, 2020

Eleven-year-old Badr says he had anger issues before he joined Morocco's First LEGO League team. Jonathan McQuie chats to him and others about the machines they are building.

Old clothes, new tricks

Deakin University, Ebony Dike | March 16, 2020

Walking into ‘We Thrifting’ in Morocco is like stepping into a treasure trove of nostalgia. Outside, the streets and footpaths of Casablanca are bustling, but inside Mohamed Atlas’s apartment-turned-vintage shop the sound of Moroccan rap music drowns out the humming of the city down below.

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University student journalism from Australia, NZ and the Pacific.
University student journalism from Australia, NZ and the Pacific.