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Return to Rabi on the horizon for Ossies climate doco crew?
In desperate time, scientists explore desperate measures
Bolt from the blue: Tasmania’s incendiary new reality
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Bushfire Crisis: where nothing is left
Capel-Stanley wins Journalism Student of the Year
Climate change rallies the young
Shot, blinded and beaten: the price of Chile’s unrest

UTS, Tys Occhiuzzi | December 24, 2019

Diego Foppiano Jara joined millions across Chile to protest against the severe wealth gap crippling his country. After just five minutes, he was shot in the eye by a rubber bullet.

Lights, Camera…RepresentAsian

University of Sydney, Victoria Lonergan | December 20, 2019

Why the key to Australia’s on-screen diversity lies behind the writer’s room

Climate change rallies the young

Swinburne University, Olivia Kosmas | November 29, 2019

The issue of climate change has consumed the minds of young people around the globe. The Global Climate rally in September disrupted cities all over the world, showing that there is a public need for the world's leaders to come up with a plan, before irreversible changes are made to the environment. Olivia Kosmas talks to some young climate protesters who are willing to sacrifice their education to protest this issue.  

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University student journalism from Australia, NZ and the Pacific.
University student journalism from Australia, NZ and the Pacific.