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Medical professionals have expressed concern over mental health, as Australia's second largest city - Melbourne - moves into the 12th week of

Fear and depression in locked-down Melbourne

September 23, 2020

Melbourne’s second lockdown has seen an increase in mental health issues, prompting concern from many of Australia’s leading medical experts.

“I don’t like to look at this in a negative way,

Reporting for duty in the pandemic, young teachers in a class of their own

September 22, 2020

For many 20-somethings, the pandemic has cost them their jobs. For others, like early career teachers, it's piled on new challenges as they navigate the difficulties of remote learning and front-line disease control. Ashleigh Barraclough continues The Citizen's special series Generation Coronavirus.

Weight loss measure. Photo: (CC BY 2.0)

Concern over health impact of ‘iso weight’

September 21, 2020

Melbourne is looking at easing out of one of the world's longest coronavirus lockdowns. What impact will quarantine eating habits and a lack of outdoor physical exercise have on the long term health of Victorians?

It's been a particularly challenging year for Victorian VCE students like Siena Carrideo (photo: supplied; background image by Ryan McGilchrist CC BY-SA 2.0)

Boost for Victorian students, but questions remain over exam safety

September 9, 2020

It’s a win for the class of 2020 – each Victorian year 12 student will be individually assessed for VCE scores and ATAR rankings.

Lockdown lust: How coronavirus is changing sex lives and sex drives

Lockdown lust: How coronavirus is changing sex lives and sex drives

September 9, 2020

Surging use of online pornography sites and sales of sex toys during the pandemic tell us that there’s some socially distanced action going down, and the sexperts predict it will have a lasting influence on our intimate lives.

Photo: Fia Walsh

Who are you calling hysterical? Why fangirls get to scream and shout

September 7, 2020

The term ‘fangirls’ likely conjures up images of teenage infatuation, of loitering at stage doors and plenty of screaming. But has this genre of fandom really earned its bad rap? The Citizen kicks off our new audio series, Mental.

Zoom and gloom: The loneliness of the long distance funeral

Zoom and gloom: The loneliness of the long distance funeral

September 1, 2020

Through long months of pandemic restrictions, bereaved families have mourned without the comforts of traditional rituals. Out of necessity, new rites are evolving.

The 'inclusive face masks' allow for the visibility of crucial non-verbal clues such as lip reading and facial expressions.

Not all heroes wear capes: some design inclusive face masks

August 31, 2020

It's not easy to find good news connected to COVID-19, but here is an exception. Meet the face mask that shows...your face.

Dr Jason Monty (pictured centre) with his University of Melbourne team of engineers and prototype ventilation hood, which is being trialled in nine Victorian hospitals and one in the Northern Territory. Photo: supplied.

From the pandemic front line, a plea for help engineers a safety bubble

August 31, 2020

As concerns grow about airborne transmission of COVID-19 and high infection rates amongst healthcare workers, a new product designed to isolate coronavirus patients from carers is being trialled in Victoria.

The National Trust property, Labassa, in Caulfield. Photo: Stephanie Bastiaan

National Trust calls for government support as revenue plummets

August 24, 2020

Two-thirds of the National Trust's income stream has dried up due to COVID-19 restrictions, so how will it keep looking after our historic buildings in the future?

Angi Frentiu and her dog Radar wear Angi's matching mask and bandana set. Photo: Supplied by Angi Frentiu

Victorians in stitches over face covering requirement

August 17, 2020

With face masks mandatory in Victoria, some locals have been seizing the opportunity to profit and help others by sewing and selling home-made face coverings.

For cultures hit by earlier pandemics, memory cues instinct to panic early

For cultures hit by earlier pandemics, memory cues instinct to panic early

July 7, 2020

The lockdown has reignited a lingering legacy of trauma for some, and laid down a new template for others, writes Connor Amor-Bendall for our special series Clayton 3168: Lockdown on the strip.

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