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Experiments determined that the Marra people used beeswax to create their stencils.
Source: Flinders Universit

Rare miniature Aboriginal art discovery is ‘biggest’

June 3, 2020

Archaeologists have uncovered the “biggest” collection of miniature Aboriginal stencils, thought...

cattle in paddock

Animal agriculture: Innovation or alternatives?

May 26, 2020

The push to reduce greenhouse emissions from animal-based agriculture is on, with new farming practices under the spotlight.

Hands in yellow rubber gloves holding mobile phone with Coronavirus text. Photo: Marco Verch (CC BY 2.0)

Technology’s crucial role in the COVID-19 battle

May 13, 2020

How would social distancing have worked in a less technologically driven time?

Stress causes female mice to have more female babies.
Source: Pixabay

Male stress causes mischief in mice offspring

May 11, 2020

It seems it’s not just humans who find the opposite sex stressful, too many male mice can affect the...

Australian health care systems are struggling to deter hackers, leaving sensitive medical information vulnerable.
Picture credit by methodshop from Pixabay

Hackers threaten Australian health systems

May 8, 2020

Hackers are taking advantage of increased stress and stretched resources to target Australian health...

Biogas technology makes a lot of sense in an agricultural context, due to the abundance of biological feedstock – in other words, poo. The heat that is produced as a byproduct of the process can be used back on the farm in various ways. Photo: Charlotte Grieve

They huffed and they puffed and hey presto – pigs fuelling poo power

April 30, 2020

In a rural piggery and an inner-city backyard, innovators wanting to haul back emissions and costs are investing their efforts in biogas technology.

Team Matrix, the oldest First LEGO League (FLL) team in Morocco. Photo: Jonathan McQuie

Shaping the future with LEGO

March 16, 2020

Eleven-year-old Badr says he had anger issues before he joined Morocco's First LEGO League team. Jonathan McQuie chats to him and others about the machines they are building.

Digital technology innovator Dr Anita Sands ... “humanity has created a puppet that now knows how to pull on the strings of its master.”

Global technology leader warns against ‘digital takeover’ of democracy

March 11, 2020

Global technology and business leader Dr Anita Sands has warned against allowing digital technology to...

Contaminated soil in barrels at the former Building 164 site, December 2019. Photo: Else Kennedy

Records unearth new questions on Melbourne Uni nuclear waste

March 10, 2020

Ten years after the chance discovery of low-level radioactive waste on the Parkville campus, and two years into a massive clean-up, a Citizen investigation raises fresh questions about the management of the contaminated sites.


Debunked! Instagram names and shames fakes

January 16, 2020

Australian Instagram users are getting a taste of what disinformation looks like, with debunked posts and memes starting to pop up in their feeds.

Competitive events at ANU Fighting Game Club attract large crowds.

eSports challenging the definition of sport

November 29, 2019

eSports have big prizemoney, a global following and athletes who train every day. But is it really a sport?

Madeline Toki at 6-days-old suffers from cystic fibrosis. Picture credit: Instagram - marytoki84

Cystic fibrosis sufferers win affordable drug lifeline

November 5, 2019

A new cystic fibrosis drug has been listed onto the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme, saving sufferers...

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