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No image of the RUAP candidate was available.

Rise Up Australia Party candidate: no comment

Emilio Lanera, Monash University
May 16, 2019
Labor candidate for Macnamara, Josh Burns.

Labor candidate: time for change for young Australians

Atara Thenabadu, Monash University
May 14, 2019
Independent for Macnamara: Chris Wallis.

Independent for Macnamara is “no party patsy”

Raksha Ravikumar, Monash University
May 1, 2019
SAP candidate in Macnamara, Steven Armstrong.

SAP: less immigration to keep Australia sustainable

Daria Impiombato, Monash University
May 1, 2019
Greens' candidate for Macnamara - Steph Hogins-May.

The Greens: ‘we’re back to finish the job’

Raksha Ravikumar, Monash University
April 26, 2019
AJP candidate for Macnamara, Craig McPherson.

AJP: the major parties are starting to listen to us

Emilio Lanera, Monash University
April 26, 2019
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