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Ruckers Hill Northcote

Northcote: Labor takes back Northcote

November 25, 2018

Labor won the day in Northcote taking back its traditional strong hold.

David Bramante, Animal Justice Party candidate.

Northcote – Animal Justice Party: David Bramante

November 24, 2018

According to the AJP, animals need a voice in the Victorian parliament. This candidate promises to be that voice.

Parents and students at the NESSA launch in front of a fundraising stall. Their buckets illustrate how much money they need to raise every year for basic school services.

Northcote: Parents blast government for lack of school funding

November 24, 2018

Parents in Northcote launch new lobby and advocacy group. They've had enough of governments not providing basic funding for schools.

Franca Smarrelli, The Reason Party

Fiona Patten’s Reason Party: Franca Smarrelli

November 23, 2018

According to this candidate healthy communities need culture to stay resilient.

John MacIsaac, Liberal for Northcote.

Northcote – Liberals: John MacIsaac

November 22, 2018

A very small l Liberal candidate nominated in the 11th hour in Northcote.

Kat Theophanous, Labor

Northcote – Labor: Kat Theophanous

November 21, 2018

Public transport, school funding and gender equality top of the agenda for this second generation Labor candidate.

Samuel Fink: The candidate away from home

Northcote – Liberal Democrats: Samuel Fink

November 20, 2018

The remote candidate - a Gippsland resident is standing for the Liberal Democrats in Northcote.

Lidia Thorpe at Ruckus Hill

Northcote – Greens: Lidia Thorpe

October 24, 2018

Lidia Thorpe won Northcote after a major swing away from Labor in the 2017 by election.

Northcote hipster humor.

Northcote: From safe Labor seat to Greens stronghold

October 11, 2018

Anchored between Merri Creek and Darebin Creek is the district of Northcote, an inner metropolitan seat...

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