Bentleigh – Independent: Oscar Lobo


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Independent candidate Oscar Lobo

Oscar Carmino Lobo is an independent candidate for Bentleigh. Having lived in the Bentleigh electorate for nineteen years, Mr Lobo strives to represent Bentleigh’s multicultural society. He has worked and lived in four countries prior to migrating to Australia, which has enhanced his appreciation for cultural diversity.

If elected, Mr Lobo promises to strengthen family values in Parliament. He also stresses the importance of integrity in government.

One of Mr Lobo’s main priorities for Bentleigh is public safety. He has expressed concern about safety at home as well as issues such as bullying and sexual harassment in schools and offices. He also calls for a police station in Bentleigh.

With regard to the education sector, Mr Lobo has placed heavy emphasis on teachers. In a candidate statement, he says, “Retention of good teachers is of higher value than modification to the school structures.” He also supports education which focuses on science and technology, the social sciences, and languages.

Mr Lobo calls for a review of sentencing and is of the opinion that “those convicted and on parole are more likely to re-offend,” according to his candidate statement. In the statement, Mr Lobo also claims that “the judicial system is letting us down gravely.”

He recommends that asset and income seizure be a crucial part of the criminal processing response. He also condones that prison industries include processing of e-waste, building wastes, food wastes and other waste recycling to “lessen the costs for the wider community.” He supports community policing and the creation of Community Justice Panels.

Mr Lobo is also focused on reducing the cost of living in Victoria. According to his website, “policing and judicial systems will be judged as more effective when home, contents and car insurance premiums decrease. Thereby making the cost of living lower for Victorians.” To this end, he thinks that public money needs to be better spent by the government.

Mr Lobo has served in Glen Eira’s city council for seven years, as a councillor and Deputy Mayor. He has also worked in banking and marketing in addition to having been an entrepreneur.

His vision is to “make Bentleigh great again,” according to the video shared by him through social media. To the residents of Bentleigh, he says, “This time, be independent.”