Bentleigh – Justice Party: Ellie Jean Sullivan


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Ellie Jean Sullivan, The Justice Party

Ellie Jean Sullivan is the candidate representing Derryn Hinch’s Justice Party in Bentleigh.

Ms Sullivan’s main reason for being in the Justice Party is because she wants the public to get access to the sex offenders register to feel safe, and ensure safety for other young girls living in her area. She also believes there needs to be more police presence in Bentleigh.

Ms Sullivan has a strong passion for animal welfare and wishes to ban live exports from Australia, if elected.  She also campaigns against the use of 1080 poison, and advocates for more humane options.

According to the Justice Party’s Executive Assistant, Annette Philpott, “She is absolutely nuts about animals. She cares about animals to the point where one day, on South Road, there was an unwell possum and she stopped traffic until Animal Welfare got there. This is her strongest point.”

Ms Sullivan grew up in East Brighton, in a musically inclined family, which inspired her to study music and pursue a career in singing. She is a professional singer, songwriter, and a pianist. She is also a Pilates instructor.