Oakleigh: Labor wins


Photo by Tavleen Singh

Volunteers at work outside the Monash Uniting Church polling booth in Clayton.

Early Saturday morning on election day the sitting Labor MP for Oakleigh, Steve Dimopoulos, posted on Facebook, urging voters to support him and his party in the state election. His call for support worked.

The incumbent won convincingly against his Liberal rival, Andrew Edmonds. Dimopoulos strengthened his hold on the seat gaining 66 per cent of the two party preferred vote, while Edmonds got 34 per cent.

Historically Oakleigh has changed between Labor and Liberals every other decade. There was some speculation before the election that the time for change had arrived, but in spite of some controversy regarding elevating the train line and a strong challenge from Andrew Edmonds, change did not eventuate.

When a handful of voters outside polling booths were asked about the satisfaction with the current MP and the Labor party in Oakleigh, nearly all of them said they liked Dimopoulos’s brand of leadership.

Polling booths in Oakleigh saw less attendance than usual from voters during election day. This was probably due to the high numbers that opted to vote early in the weeks leading up to election day.

The Oakleigh result was part of the Labor wave that swept through Victoria on Saturday November 24. This wave was, to a great extent, powered by Labor delivering on promises made in the 2014 election. The question now is, can the Andrews government keep delivering? We’ll know by 2022 when Victoria head to the polls next time.